Price Your Tahoe Truckee Home to Sell Quickly

Have you ever needed a haircut and decided to do it yourself?  Unless you were looking for that “just butchered” hair style, chances are you would have fared much better with the help of a trained professional.

And when it comes time to setting a selling price for your home to help you sell it quick, you’ll probably want to reach out for some professional help with a Truckee Realtor as well.

But if you have the itch and just can’t resist setting a price for your beloved home, you may want to keep a few things in mind.

For example, if you set the price on your home too high, it will sit on the market waiting for some Prince (or Princess) Charming to sweep it off it’s feet and off the market.  Translation: setting your house price too high will drastically reduce the number of people who will show any interest in it.

Of course, you can always set the price high and lower it later. But think about the impact that will have on potential buyers. They will either think that you set the price too high in the first place (and even after lowering it, it’s probably still too high) or worse, that something is wrong with the house and the price had to be reduced.

On the other hand, if you set the price of your Tahoe Truckee home too low, you may get a mob of buyers stampeding their way to your door and you may get a bidding war driving up the price, however, you may end up getting way less than fair price and that can do damage to your bottom line.

While some sellers do indeed set a low price on their home, the vast majority tend to go high because after all, their home is their castle, a cherished possession, a treasure that everyone in the world will appreciate as much as they do. Unfortunately, the buyer rarely sees it that way.

To help you set a reasonable price for your home to help it sell quickly, consider the following:

  1. Location, location, location! It may seem cliché (and incredibly obvious), but a home in a more desirable area will cost more than homes in less desirable ones.  Homes for sale on Lake Tahoe can command triple or more the price of other homes for sale in Tahoe Truckee without the majestic Lake Tahoe frontage or views.
  2. House condition. A well maintained home in good condition will demand a better price than one that is in various stages of disrepair.
  3. Surroundings. Schools, shopping, and amenities around your home all come in to play here. And what about your neighborhood in general? You better believe that prospective buyers will want to know what the quality of life is in your area.
  4. Additional features. Does your home have additions or upgrades that stand it apart from other homes in the neighborhood? A swimming pool perhaps or a beautifully landscaped yard or patio? All these things play a part in deciding on a fair home price.

One source of information you can turn to for help are local home selling advertisements. It will help you get a feel for what houses similar to yours are going for in your area. Fortunately, you can also do a lot of research on the Internet for home comparison pricing.

Getting help from a Truckee Realtor to do the research to come up with a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) is also time well spent. A CMA is looking at homes similar to yours and comparing their actual “sold”s prices and not “asking” prices. This will also give you a better idea of setting a fair price for your home.

Homes for sale in the Tahoe Truckee real estate market area have been steadily climbing upwards making it a great time to put your house on the market. And just like getting a great haircut from a professional, Bob Ellis, a top Tahoe Truckee Realtor can help you take the guesswork out of setting your house selling price.

And unlike a bad haircut, you’ll come out looking really good!


Top California Realtor Bob Ellis provides a superior level of informed, professional real estate services to buyers and sellers in the greater Truckee and Lake Tahoe areas. Whether it is lakefront estates, a Lake Tahoe vacation home or vacation rental investments, turn to Bob to help you find the best value in the Lake Tahoe, Northstar, and Truckee, California areas.